The Shark Hole


The Shark Hole is large sheltered ocean pool situated in an inlet surrounded by the rocky cliffs which form the coastline north of Catherine Hill Bay. It is popular with local bathers and rock fishermen and is visited occasionally by divers.


The Shark Hole is located within the Wallarah National Park, unfortunately motor vehicles are not allowed within the park so the only practical legal way to access the site is by boat.

The entrance to the shark hole is located at 33°08’13.9″S 151°38’36.4″E and is deep and wide enough for most small  boats to safely enter during calm seas. The Shark Hole itself is large enough to manoeuvre and anchor within.


Diving the Shark Hole

The Shark Hole is 12 metres deep with a flat sandy bottom. The rocky cliff walls rise vertically from the sand bottom to the surface with a more gradual slope up to the western end of the pool which provides an entry/exit point if diving from the shore.

There is a large fissure in the northwestern rock face which is about a metre and a half wide and continues down to a depth of seven metres, it is large enough for divers to enter and provides a good photo opportunity when the water is clear.

The site is fairly lifeless compared to most other dive sites with only a few small fish present and some small unimpressive sponge life growing from the rock walls. All in all it’s a pretty ordinary site but worth the occasional visit as a second dive when returning home from the Advance.